Having trained as an architect in Germany where work and studies are focused on competition, Martina brings in great level of creativity to the team. We are driven to design environments for our clients as well as the end user for any of our projects, incorporating aesthetics and functionality. We are also environmental concious and have been designing buildings to achieve different levels of BREEAM and LEED. 


Driven is all about the detail. We don't stop at concept design but continue the design up to the smallest detail. Our great passion for detail design goes hand in hand with the detailing our clients apply to their products and brand. The studio has an extensive technical knowledge and experience on on-site construction. 

Project Management

We always see it as part of our job to coordinate the design with all other consultants involved. The architect has a key role for any construction project and therefore usually takes on the role as lead consultant. Where project managers don't get involved, we take on this role to further engage with the consultant and construction team. 

Planning & Building Control

Over the years we have build a great relationship with various Planning Departments in London and the UK. The majority of buildings chosen by luxury bramds are listed and therefore take special consideration. We have experience with Building Control and Approved Inspectors and can go either way. Our planning and building code expertise also includes Scotland, Europe and the U.S.

Principle Designer

With the new CDM regulations in place we can offer the role as Principle Designer. Heath & Safety is important to us and we know it is important to our clients. We try to minimise risks in the design process and ensure safety can be guaranteed on site as well as providing a good maintenance scheme for operations. We aim to provide our clients with an exceptional work place for their staff as well as representing the brand.